changing it up

I rarely write on this blog simply because I don’t think anyone reads me here anyway.

still wish I could figure out a way to combine both blogs but as of yet I haven’t figured that out.

Tomorrow is July 4th.
Independence day

Time for celebrating and enjoying summer in full swing.

I hope to see my grand daughters sometime tomorrow.

life is good, and I look forward to the four-day weekend.



it’s been a while

yes it is true it has been a while since I have posted on this blog.
I actually wish I could figure out a way to combine both blogs but as of yet I can’t seem to get that figured out.
I know my sister could probably help me with it, but I have never thought to ask her when she is here at my home.


no news really, just living life.
Everyone is doing well, grandchildren are growing like crazy and life is good over all.

still have a bit of unsettling within me but I think for the most part that is dormant

which is good.
I need to be happy with my life instead of always looking for that rainbow elsewhere.

my dashboard says they can not show my stats at this time.
Makes me wonder if anyone ever checks this blog site anymore?



time off is flying by

my five days off are just flying by

How I hate it.
I haven’t gotten a lot accomplished on my time off and I need to get off my butt and do that.

I love being home and just enjoying my time at home.

It would be cool to be home all of the time.

of course I would love to have the money coming in but not working.
Wishful dreaming I know.

worth a try

I’ve been struggling here with trying to get back on to this blog site.
Every time I look it up they say my password is not right.
I managed to finally get a new password and it still says my site is not available yet I can get in to read other people’s comments on my past posts.
I haven’t written on this site since right before Valentine’s day.
I have another post at but it actually says that is what I am on right now at the top of this page so….who knows if this will ever work?
It is frustrating and most of the time I just give up on it since I do blog on the other site…
but I will give it a try for what it is worth and see what happens…….